As well as messages, there are other ways in which you can treat your baby to aromatherapy. Just be careful to keep the amount of Aromatherapy oil very low, as this is enough for a baby or young child. The best carrier oil for baby is sweet almond oil, as it has softening, lubricating effect on the skin and is much kinder than the mineral oil that most commercial baby products are based on. Let’s explore some aroma oils for our babies.

Aroma Oils for Baby Bath
Most babies enjoy being immersed in water (after all they spent nine months floating in amniotic fluid) and you can add soothing aromatherapy oils to their baths to create a lovely smell and soothe their sensitive skins. Chamomile, Rose or Lavender oils are the best for this and are much kinder than proprietary baby bubble baths.

Aroma Oils for Nursery
Try using any of the following oils in a vaporizer in your baby’s room. They help to purify the air and keep germs at bay as well as being pleasant and soothing. These oils are:
• Lavender
• Frankincense
• Chamomile
• Sandalwood
• Geranium
• Neroli
If your baby has been having disturb sleep, try popping a little ball of cotton wool, to which you have added a couple of drops of chamomile oils, far inside his pillowcase. He will breathe in its soothing vapors as he sleeps.

Aroma oils When Baby’s Teething
When your baby is teething, chamomile oils helps to calm and soothe inflamed gums. Dilute two drops in a little warm water and rub over the affected area three times a day.

Aroma Oils for Cradle Cap
This flaky, red itchy condition often affects small babies. You can ease it with aromatherapy. Mix up a blend of one drop of Chamomile oil and one drop of rose oil in 4 FL oz (100ml) of sweet almond oil. Gently rub over drops of Chamomile oil to your baby’s shampoo but be careful to rinse his hair thoroughly after shampooing. All shampoos can irritate a sensitive skin.

Aroma Oils for Cold and Blocked Noses
When your baby has a stuffy nose or a cold, use any of the following oils in a vaporizer. They eliminate germs and help to ease breathing. These oils are:
• Lavender
• Lemon
• Pine
• Thyme
• Rosemary
• Eucalyptus

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