There are some Ayurvedic or Aroma oils which can cure or give some relief in various type of skin, hair and body disease. These oils have no side effects and they are made from natural substance. Here are the simple ways in which these oils can help you take better care of yourself.

Shaving Rash
Often called razor burn, this can be anything from dry flaky skin, to red, ore irritation after shaving. Shaving flakes off dead cells from the skin’s surface, therefore leaving your skin extra sensitive. Aftershaves usually contain alcohol and can irritate an already sensitive skin. You can use these oils which help you to get relief from this burn or red skin. Let talks about these oils and their use.

Add three drops of CLARY SAGE oil and the three drops of LAVENDER to ½ pint (300ml) of rosewater or orange flower water. Pat on your face after shaving and repeat two to three hours later.

Athlete’s Foot
This is common problem which certainly doesn’t only affect athletes! It’s caused by a fungus that loves dark, moist areas of skin, hence its favorite breeding ground between the toes.

It is important to wash and dry your feet thoroughly each day, and the following Ayurvedic oils treatment is good.
Add ten drops of tea tree oil to a footbath of warm water. Soak your feet in it for 15 to 30 minutes. Repeat daily until the condition begins to improve, then weekly after that.

This scalp disorder seems to affect nearly everyone at some time in their lives. It occurs when dead skin cells accumulate on the scalp and fail to shed themselves normally. They build up, then fall off in large scales. There are other problems which have similar symptoms to dandruff, such as psoriasis and eczema, so if in any doubt check with your doctor.

Try massaging the following blend into your scalp twice a week before shampooing. Leave on for thirty minutes before washing with a mild shampoo. Add six drops of ROSEMARY and four drops of CEDARWOOD oil to 4 FL oz(100ml) of jojoba or avocado oil. Also add one drop of each essential oil to your final rising water after shampooing.

Hay Fever
This is an allergic reaction caused by the pollens of various shrubs., trees and grasses. Symptoms include sneezing, running nose and sore red eyes. These oils can ease hay fever but won’t cure it.

Add six drops of HYSSOP oil to a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam. Alternatively, mix six drops of hyssop oil in 2 FL oz (50ml) of a carrier oil and massage it on your cheeks and under your nose regularly.

Important note: People prone to epilepsy should avoid hyssop.

Jet Lag
This affects you when your internal body clock becomes disorientated. It can cause changes in your normal eating and sleep patterns and is generally debilitating.

During your flight (if it is long full) drink plenty of water and soft drinks, avoid alcohol and eat little. Sleep if you can and before travelling, make up this Ayurveda oils blend. Add four drops of ROSEMARY, four drops of YLANG-YLANG and four drops of LEMON oil to 4 FL oz (100ml) of a carrier oil. During your flight, massage it into your neck, face and the back of your neck up to the base of your skull. On arrival. Pour some of the blend into a warm bath and soak in it for at least 15 minutes.

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