Sleep is vital to the health of your child. Most children sleep like tops after all the activity of a busy day but there are times when even they can have difficulty sleeping. There are many different reasons for this, and here listed a various way in which aromatherapy can be helpful.

Fear and Dark
This is very common in children, especially if they have nightmares and wake up in a very dark, silent room. Using an oil burner in the bedroom creates a safe atmosphere, because of its gently glowing light and soothing aroma. You can easily take the oil burner away from home, too, to create the same safe atmosphere in a strange place.

The following oils are all quite sedative and you can experiment until you find a blend that your child really likes.

Here are the some Ayurvedic oils:

Chamomile, Rose, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Marigold, Neroli, Myrrh, Patchouli, Ylang-ylang, Vetiver and Clary sage.


If your child is hyperactive, the chances are that you will find he or she has difficulty getting off to sleep. Try the following Ayurvedic oils sequence.

First, add ten drops of chamomile oil to three quarters filled bath. Encourage your child to soak in it for as long as possible. Use toys or games to keep him or her interested or read a story aloud.

Next, use six drops of chamomile oil 4 FL oz (100ml) of a carrier oil and message it on your child’s back and shoulder, then the tummy and chest. Do this after drying him or her and while standing and make the movements as soothing as possible.

Finally, use chamomile and benzoin oils in a burner or vaporizer in the bedroom. Once your little one is tucked up in bed, try massaging little of the above blend into his or her forehead with soothing strokes while you read a bedtime story.


Children get really keyed up about certain events, holidays and Christmas being two that spring immediately to mind. The trouble is that by getting excited and not sleeping properly, the occasion they so look forward to are often marred by their irritability and short tempers. These are consequences of lack of sleep.

Try using any of the sedative oils in your child’s bath, and in a vaporizer or burner in his or her bedroom. You can also sprinkle a few drops of chamomile or ylang-ylang oil on the pillow.

Fear and Anxiety

Like adults, children often lose sleep through fear or anxiety. The cause may be an impending test or exam, a trip to the dentist or one of many other problems.

Helpful oils for this are:

Bergamot, Geranium, Thyme, Chamomile, Neroli, Lavender and Marjoram.

Again, you can use them in the bath or in a burner or vaporizer. They can also help when inhaled near the bottle. Neroli is very effective when used this way.

Note: If your child or teenager is facing an impending test or examination, use rosemary in his or her bath and in a burner- it’s a great aid to the memory! It can also be inhaled just before the test or exam.

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