Ayurvedic oils can be very useful in different ways when visiting a warmer climate. Here are a few recommendations from personal experience.

Insect Repellant

Add ten drops of geranium and ten drops of eucalyptus oil to 4 FL oz(100ml) of a carrier oil. Dab on to areas likely to be bitten (ankles seem to be favorites with mosquitoes).

You can also burn the oils neat in your room at night, to ward off biting insects.

Insect Bites and Stings

If you unfortunate enough to be stung or bitten, try rubbing neat lavender oil into the affected area.
Re apply every few minutes until the pain/itching stops.


Lavender is excellent for treating any kind of burn, with sunburn being no exception. If the burned is small, apply the oil neat and repeat as necessary. If the area is large, add twenty drops to a cool bath and soak for ten minutes.

You can make a soothing spray (burned skin is so tender when touched) by adding ten drops of lavender oil to 1 pint (300ml) of cool, clean water. (Mineral water is ideal). Alternatively, you can add a few drops of lavender oil to your sunscreen lotion to speed up the healing process.

Dry/Cracked Lips

The sun seems to cause this problem just as much as harsh winter weather. Make up a carrier oil of 2 FL oz(50ml) apricot kernel oil and 2 FL oz (50ml) of avocado oil.

Add six drops of sandalwood and six drops of rose oil. Rub this on the lips, repeating the application regularly.

Small Cuts

Even on holiday, accidents happen. Either apply neat lavender or tea tree oil on cuts. These are both antiseptic and don’t sting.


Sunstroke is the result of severe dehydration, and the resulting symptoms are very like those of a hangover.
Keep the sufferer in a darkened and cool room.

One good remedy is to add four drops of juniper, four drops of fennel and four drops of peppermint oil to a cool bath. Soak for 15 minutes. Then, rub a little neat lavender oil into his or her temples at regular intervals. The bath helps to reduce his temperature and the lavender oil helps to reduce the headache.

Make sure your patient keeps topping up his liquid level with plenty of water (not too cold)

Vomiting/ Diarrhea

Due to changes in climate, water and diet upset stomach often occur on holidays. Ayurveda oils can help in this. Let’s check it out.


Add four drops of lemon, four drops of lavender and four drops of peppermint oil to 4 FL oz (100ml) of a carrier oil. Massage into the abdomen and solar plexus as needed.


Add six drops of lavender, three drops of neroli into 4 FL oz (100ml) of a carrier oil, very gently rub into the lower abdomen and solar plexus areas.

You can also add the above oils to a bath to ease stomach cramps.

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