There are many diseases of women, which neither they can tell anyone, nor they can get any treatment.There are many remedies in Ayurveda that can get rid of the disease forever and there is no need to go to any doctor for this and there is no harm. Let’s talk about the Ayurveda remedies.

Ayurvedic treatment for menstruation

• Grind the root of Gloriosa Superba (Kalahari) in water and apply it on the head to open the closed
menstrual period.

• Grind the Hibiscus flower with kanji (a drink made from brown mustard and water) and drink it for opens the
menstrual cycle. Hibiscus Powder

• Take the seeds of radish, carrot and fenugreek one by one and grind them and filter them. Take this grind
powder 25-30 grams with 4 teaspoon of Ashoka Rishta daily for 2 months.

Ayurvedic medicine for treatment of excess menstrual periods

• Boil 20 grams coriander in 200 grams of water, when 50 grams of water remains, then filter and drink. More
bleeding will stop.

• Take 6 grams of ashwagandha powder and mix equal quantity of grind sugar candy or sugar and eat it with
cold water.
Ashwagandha Powder

• Make fine powder of resin and eat equal quantity of sugar in it. More bleeding will stop.

• Take 10 grams of Safeda Kashgiri (Eucalyptus Globulus) and 1 gram of red ocher, mix both well and fill it
in the bottle. When needed, take ½ teaspoon of this mixture with sugar drop candy or Indian
patasha/batasha. And take some milk or water on top. It is an infallible medicine. Three doses will
provide relief.

Ayurvedic tips for treatment of infertility in women.

• Chew basil seeds or make a decoction during the Menstrual cycle. Women will surely conceive.

• Sieve nutmeg, sift and mix it in equal quantity of sugar candy. Eat one teaspoon of this mixture
continuously for three days after menstruation

• Make a powder by grinding equal quantity of betel nut and cobra saffron. Take 3 to 5 grams of water with
it. Will conceive.

• Grind the peepal (Ficus religiosa) treebeard, after grinding it finely and sieve it in a cotton cloth and
mix with same quantity of raw khand (sugar). Eat and feed to your husband for 10 days of this 25-gram
mixture from the day of menstruation.


Follow Brahmacharya (don’t do sex) for 10 days and coitus on the 11th day. Must conceive of course.
Grind the Putranjiva tree roots in milk and drink it to conceive.

Ayurvedic tips for contraception

• Consuming a cup of basil decoction for three days after menstruation did prevent pregnancy and it has no
harmful effects.

• Take 10-15 leaves of basil and boil it in two cups of water. Reduce it half and cool down and drink it.

• Grind the turmeric and filter it. Take 3 grams turmeric with fresh water twice a day on the fifth day of
menstruation. Take this regularly for 3 days of every month, there will be no fear of conceive. (Avoid
sexual intercourse for one week)

• Peel castor seeds and take one seed on the fifth day of the menstruation with fresh water as soon as arises
in the morning. There will be no pregnancy for a year.

• Finely chop two grams of alum and mix 12 grams of white Vaseline in it. Apply it on the genitals before
sexual intercourse. Success is up to 80%.

• Drinking acacia flowers, with cow’s milk during menstruation does not conceive.

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