Ayurvedic oil helps us to keep healthy by improving the circulation, soothing the nervous system, reducing waste products and lessening effect of stress. It can also be used to help chronic conditions such as migraines, eczema, rheumatism, sinus, pain and ache.

For Sports

Preparations Before Sports

Warming up before any strenuous activity is important if you are not to over- stretch or strain your body.
Below listed some warming oils which you can mix into a carrier oil and rub well into your legs, arms, shoulders and lower back at least 15 minutes before your exercise session.

• Benzoin

• Clary Sage

• Ginger

• Black Pepper

• Clove

• Marjoram

• Cajaput


After vigorous exercise your muscles cool down and the fibers start to shorten again. This can cause aches and pains, and the joints become stiff. Speed up your recovery with the following relaxing oils.

• Benzoin

• Jasmine

• Sandalwood

• Chamomile

• Lavender

• Vetiver

• Frankincense

You can to your bath and soak for at least 15 minutes. Or you can mix into a carrier oil and use for self-message also can ask a friend or partner to massage aching areas.

For Aches and Pains & Sprains

Add ten drops of juniper, ten drops of rosemary and five drops of lemongrass oil to 6 FL oz (150ml) of a carrier oil.


Add ten drops of juniper, ten drops of marjoram and five drops of lemongrass to 6 FL oz(150ml) of a carrier oil. It’s a good idea to message this into your calf muscle after sport to ward off an attack of cramp.

For Over-Indulgence Aids

Here are some effective Ayurvedic oils for Over-Indulgence Aids


The morning after feeling is one, we all know, and dread. The prime cause of a hangover (headache, upset stomach, lethargy, nausea) is dehydration, so try to drink plenty of water or fruit juice on waking and last thing the night before, if possible. Then try the following Ayurvedic oils.

First make a cold compress to which you add one drop of juniper oil and one drop of fennel oil. Apply to your forehead and temples. Next, blend three drops of rose oil in 1 FL oz (25ml) of a carrier oil and massage it into the liver area- the lower right side of your ribs and just below them.

Rose oil helps to detoxify the liver. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is important as well as it will flush the toxins out of your system more efficiently.


This is a horrible acid feeling in your stomach, often experienced after a rich or heavy meal. Help is taking peppermint or peppermint oil preparation which is great remedy for digestive problems.

Add 12 drops of peppermint oil to 4 FL oz (100ml) of a carrier and gently massage it into your stomach and solar plexus. Also, dab a little of the blend under your nose so you can inhale it. If you wish, you can follow the treatment with a cup of mint tea.

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